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What would love do now?

Coaching in Love is…

focused purely on your own agenda. Coaching enables you to discover the right way forward by asking you questions, which are helping you to find your answers. Ultimately coaching aims to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching is supportive, thought provoking and non-judgmental. It’s important you enter into coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.

Coaching is not a therapy, but a path to self-awareness and self-empowerment in which I support you. 

Even though I am a certified coach, I also feel guided what comes through me. My way of coaching is leading you to your heart and finding answers there.

I will work with you on ambivalence, blocks and obstacles as they arise and find your skills and strategies, which work, for you. My gift is to bring out the true potential in you, to discover your true values and make effective and conscious choices.

I will support you in finding alignment between your values and actions in the world and courage to take these actions while staying in the “heart” with whatever arises.

Learning to deeply value yourself, will help you to set healthy boundaries and be more in flow and ease with yourself and with others.  You will create deeper relationships, full of respect and love. 

In helping you to Self-Empowerment, you will find how to stay connected to yourself every day, being able to listen to your own authentic needs. This will bring you inner stability and balance, a clearer vision and a clearer communication.

I truly believe we only make peace on earth when we have made peace within ourselves and among each other. 

What is your belief? Love talking to you.

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