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Heart space opens you up to love more and be loved more.

This workshop is an exercise, a journey for yourself and your partner to open up room for deeper love and connection.

 Time and Space – a gift for you!

We all wish for deeper, longer lasting connection in our intimate relations and often wonder how to create such space.

Often we do not know how to communicate what we really want while at the same time, respect our own boundaries.


Maybe during Corona Virus this has become obvious even more.


  • Do you feel not respected, appreciated or loved for who you really are?

  • Do you long for a real connection with others, but there seems to be a failure or gap in the communication?

  • Do you feel that you can’t step into your own power?

  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed, insecure, blocked or stuck?

  • Have you reached the point of giving up on love?


So, if you can answer Yes to any of the above questions, the workshop is for you!

Description: Making Time and Space for Love

We all wish for deeper, longer lasting connection in our intimate relation and often wonder how to create this space and this connection. 

This 2 hour workshop – with a break in between - will deepen your understanding how you listen, how you communicate and how you normally act.


It often has to do with the way we understand and create spaciousness and self-love/care for ourselves. Both are so needed in relating. 


When it comes to love and relationship we often behave unconscious, out of indoctrinated ideas and beliefs, patterns we may have seen and learnt as children.  Most of the time we are just needy, in desperate need for approval, belonging and love. That neediness throws us into codependency and energetically we affixiate each other.


Some of the symptoms of codependency include:

  • Approval seeking.

  • People pleasing.

  • Fear of being alone or abandoned.

  • Afraid of speaking your truth, trying to avoid to “hurt” others.

  • Feeling selfish, or guilty for not meeting the needs of others.

  • Feeling not good enough, or too much or too little.

  • Giving advice.

  • Complaining about the other more than seeing your own faults.

  • Diminishing yourself in order to lift up others.

  • Getting drawn in others' trauma and drama.

  • Rescuing or fixing others, giving too much

  • Enduring unhealthy relationships to avoid loneliness.

  • Having an addict, user, abuser, or narcissist in your life.

  • Having self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs.

What happens in the workshop?

After an initial introduction,  I guide you to explore and discover - through 3 simple exercises -  your own simple truth.

These exercises are focused to open your heart  and to choose consciously your individual path with it, while being authentic in your partnership or any other relationship.


In between the exercises I invite you to a sharing circle. These are incredible powerful, since we learn so much from each other. However, it’s your choice to share or not. 


This workshop is online and for couples (or friends in pairs, it does not matter which gender)

This workshop is limited to 16 spaces but occurs monthly.

What do I take from this workshop?

In MAKING TIME AND SPACE for yourself and your partner, you learn to:

  • How to be consciously connected to yourself and others

  • How to trust and surrender

  • How to set healthy boundaries

  • Know what you like

  • How to express freely your feelings, your likes and dislikes, no taboos.

This 2 hour workshop offers a space for individual exploring and experiencing.  You will find a clearer and more wholehearted vision of intimacy and deeper relating.

For whom?

  • For the open-minded conscious people who want to grow.

  • For the courageous couple who wish to live in consiously and present with each other – daily!

  • Anyone who wishing to relate deeper to Self and to the Other(s)


  • Each month, Thursday evening

  • 19: 00 Uhr to 21: 00 Uhr (GMT+1) , 18: 00 bis 20: 00 Uhr MESZ


  • Online - Zoom

  • Yes, you will see me with video and voice. It’s up to you if you like to participate with camera and tone. You can also just choose to chat with me via the chat option.

Ticket Prices

  • €60 - €120 per couple

  • This is a pay as you can afford webinar. Use the Ticket system to choose what you can afford at this time to value this exchange.

After attending both the workshop “Time & Space” and one-on-one coaching, I highly recommend working with Sabina!

Her coaching has helped me improve my my relationships with others, and most importantly with myself. Sabina’s wise insights have also helped me navigate my career in an cross-cultural environment. I will continue to work with and recommend Sabina because of her personal approach to her clients.

Daniele Minter

Welcome, I am Sabina!

I am a Love & Relationship Coach, passionately devoted and focus on all aspects of love, such as: self love, relationships, separation and break ups.

Through my own life journey, I was guided over and over back to one question: What would love do now?

This question became the greatest gift in my own life. My life has shown me all aspects of “what love is not”. I had to learnt it myself. Only when I started to focus to find My Own Self, my life changed. The journey always starts with one self and from there we can relate with the other. 

During my many years of living and working around the globe, facilitating, teaching and coaching: cross-cultural communication, intercultural understanding and leadership skills, I realised that in the end it all boiled down to the one core in all humans: Love

I was always drawn to these questions: How do we relate? How do we perceive? How do we communicate? How we can stay open and open up again? How do we stay in the heart space?

When someone is in that heart space – they can’t hurt, hate or take advantage!

What would happen to your world, if you found the way to stay in the heart space – open and connected.

Just ask yourself: What takes more effort and courage in the face of anger and frustration:

  • To stay angry or to feel compassion and love? How would you rather want to feel?

  • There is much more power in love than in anger, blame and hate.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Accredited by AC (Association of Coaching) and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Mentoring), UK.

How may I contact the organiser if I have questions?

Please use the contact forms on the website or write your question to:

Are tickets refundable?

No refunds are available for tickets purchased.

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Take time for yourself and honour truly and consciously the time with the one you are with.