Inquiry to Self-Love

A weekly journey for several weeks on finding Self-Love.


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For individuals.


There are so many amazing women and men out there and I wonder, why they are either single, longing for love and being afraid of getting hurt or lost, or feeling “lonely” within the relating?

The 'Inquiry To Self-Love' is a plan to help address and understand many of these questions around love and takes usually 5-10 sessions. This booking is a FREE first hour to see how this will suit you and what plan will be best.


Does this relate to the fact that we tend to think our unhappiness comes from some external event, circumstance or person? Love is a state of being, not depending on anyone else.


If you are incapable of loving yourself, you will never be able to love anybody. Having been caught in it myself, I finally understood the difference in between wanting something and making time and being ready to have it.


We do not need to become anything, because we are already in possession of the characteristics that we have been looking for so far. “We won’t make peace on this Earth, until we make peace in ourselves – and among genders” Are you ready to connect to yourself?

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