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Inquiry to Self-Love

A weekly journey for several weeks on finding Self-Love.



FREE first hour to see how I can help

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You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.

For individuals.

When we suffer, when we feel overwhelm or lost, we also loose our connection to Self and to our inner power tools.

We forget and ignore our inner power tools,  which are actually there to help and guide us back on our path, to see the infinite possibilities around us and to make us feel empowered.

These innate power tools are our heart and our breath, here to provide us with our unique wisdom.

We just never learnt to listen.

Listening within brings us to the steps we need to relate consciously to ourselves and others, because it brings you alignment of WHO AM I?

  1. My needs and wants

  2. My values

  3. My boundaries

  4. My Non-Negotiables (NNNs)

 'Inquiry To Self-Love' is a plan to help address and understand many of these questions around love and takes usually       5 - 10 sessions. This booking is a FREE first hour to see how this will suit you and what plan will be best.


Only when I know myself, I can make myself known to others without pretending or being needy in love and approval.

Knowing your needs, your values, your boundaries and your NNNs you begin to see what matters most to you by how you live your life. If your life is not as you want it to be, it’s our task to take responsibility for it. The question to ask is: Which shift do I need to make toward greater alignment with what I wish to experience? Where and how can I change – and not the others!

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