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Making Time & Space For Love -

monthly free workshop

Know your needs, communicate better, be fulfilled

We live in a world of constant distraction, data overload and comparison. Our attention is constantly focused outside.

What happens however with that non-stop outwards orientation of our attention?

We lose our capacity of TRUE CONNECTION, feeling love, especially for ourselves
We lose our capacity for being present
We get overwhelmed, disorientated, frustrated, anxiety, panic, burned out Do you feel that your relationship isn’t fulfilling you the way you want it to?

How do we get attention?

By the way we communicate
By pleasing and over-caring
By manipulating (unconsciously)
By trying non-stop to be better
By expecting it from outside

Tired of being caught up in petty battles that drain your energy?

Yes, we all search/want love
In this workshop we are going to bring some awareness to these ways HOW we fill our attention gap and trying to get love
I am going to give you some tools to bring nourishment back to you without needing to manipulate.

And love is never a demand, always a gift.
Love is a state of being

We all deserve to have healthy and fulfilling relationships, and how to build and live in these is not something we get taught at school.
In fact the teaching we do often get – to hide our true feelings and shy away from authentic communication – works against creating the healthy and fulfilled relationships we all need.

When we are crystal clear on what we need and value, those around us can also respond with clarity.

In this workshop we’ll explore three simple exercises that help you to:
• Reconnect with yourself
• Give you tools to help you get back to what’s important to you
• Hone your skills in how to truly listen to others and speak your truth
• Feel and set healthy boundaries
• Be able to freely express your feelings, likes and dislikes, no taboos
• Realise the ways you can self-sabotage your own love
Participants say they leave feeling much more resourced, more connected to themselves and others, and with the tools to create a more effective relationship.

What happens in the workshop?

After an initial introduction, I guide you to explore and discover - through 3 simple exercises - your own simple truth.
These exercises are focused to open your heart and to choose consciously your individual path with it, while being authentic in your partnership or any other relationship.

In between the exercises I invite you to a sharing circle. These are incredible powerful, since we learn so much from each other. However, it’s your choice to share or not.

When & Where & How much?
Online – Zoom. Once you have booked you will receive the confirmation and the Zoom link.
The workshop is limited to 12 people max.
Booking on Eventbrite or contact me directly. 

Free of charge.

For whom?
The workshop is open to all – single people and those currently in a relationship. The content will be applicable to whichever situation you are currently in.​

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What Others Say About This Course

I have been through mental hospital system in the UK, I’ve been through antidepressants and all kinds of therapists and the progress I feel within myself, my mental health,  my happiness, my spiritual base and knowing what I need to do now… The difference between Tuesday when I did the workshop and today, 2 days later, is so much more than all the time I spent in the hospital system, so much more than any of the therapists I’ve seen, it’s massive, really massive. Thank you.

~ Jocelyn Payne

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