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Soul2Soul Communication

Spirits from our loved ones are still here with us, we just don't see them.

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Please fill the form below with your details, time zone and ideal hours so I can contact you for the reading (max 60min). 


Clicking on the donation button, you can choose an amount if you wish to donate. Looking forward to connecting with you. 

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When I was small on I heard voices, but it freaked me out - then.


Only in my mid thirties

I reconnected and knew, I was receiving messages from my guides and spirits.


In November 2020 I was told to connect to the 8th dimension, offering my gift to the world.


I am also a love & relationship coach.


"Sabina gave me a reading and was wonderfully kind and accurate! She brought up not only a loved one that I recognized right away, but she also went into feelings and particulars of a situation that nobody knows about! I highly recommend Sabina - she's a joy to talk to!"

~ Isabell Corchia

"Sabina brought through many insightful messages from a loved-one as well as a clear evidence who it was, even though she knew nothing at all about me. This session allowed me to let go of some past experience, receive guidance regarding questions and find more acceptance and love for myself. I thank sincerely her (and the beings present) for the healing received and for the positive contribution to my life. May the session with Sabina bring blessings also to you!"

~ Dace

"I just want to send a huge thank you for a "practice" reading with me. It was more on the professional side and absolutely beautiful. She was very well connected with my loved one, and I feel blessed to be able to start my day with the two of them."

~ Diana Herweck

How may I contact the organiser if I have questions?

Please write your question to:

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