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Sex Yes… and I wanted love… Sacred Sexuality  - Workshop

We all wish for more intimacy.

We all wish for deeper, longer lasting connection in our intimate relation.

This feeling of “One-ness”...

Is it utopia or possible?

We live in a world, where we can easily fall into the busyness of 24x7x365. Even more important now to understand, that our own time is the highest quality of our life.

The dilemma:

  • Do you ever feel empty after making love? 

  • Do you use visualizations, images or even porn when you make love?

  • Do you ever feel disconnected from your partner while lovemaking or after? 

  • Do you feel vulnerable and fearful regarding lovemaking? Do you worry be judged? 

  • Did you ever feel you had to do something you didn’t wanted, but you did it for the other? 

  • Do you ever feel “if we don’t make it, it’s a failure?” 

This workshop is for inquiry and experience. 

Aim is to gain an authentic view on intimacy and relation to oneself and the other. To realise our patterns, the one way we make love instead of seeking the ONENESS In our lovemaking. 

Imagine you find a new way to relate to each other, to love each other. Imagine there would be 5 key magic points, which you can learn leading to true powerful connection. 

In this workshop you learn to:

  • How to be consciously connected to yourself and others

  • How to surrender fully

  • How to set healthy boundaries

  • Know what you like

  • How to express freely your feelings, your likes and dislikes, no taboos.

For whom?: Couples and individuals of any sex and “everything-sexual”

Date: TBA

Engaged Couple
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