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Jocelyn audio testimonial

From Coaching

"Sabina is a caring and open-hearted person and she was great to work with. She helps you find your own path of your personal healing journey and supports you with an open mind & heart throughout. She empowers you to accept and love yourself as you are and also become the best version of yourself. Working with her was one of the most eye-opening times in my life. She helped me to learn so much about myself and become conscious of all the ways I was conditioned from my past. I am incredibly grateful for meeting and working with her."

- Jane Lee -

"Sabina has a wonderful gift of empowering others, caring, intuitive and direct, she opens a space for radical self-love in the hearts of others. My meeting with her was unexpected but timely - I don't exaggerate when I say she brought a piece of the puzzle to my life, nudging me towards finding the key to my heart. I am incredibly grateful for her gift of time, wisdom and playfulness."

- Jim H. -

"Coaching with Sabina made things so much clearer in my life. I was going around in patterns I didn't know I was repeating and the coaching brought them into the light and made me finally able to choose what I wanted. Her coaching was so skilled and she was able to expertly guide me to the inner guidance I didn't even know I had. The coaching programme helped uncover so much about myself so I can now live in a way where I feel so much happier in myself, my relationship and my life. Sabina really has a gift for this and a combination of down to earth pragmatism alongside a deep intuition that is rare among us. Thank you so much Sabina - everyone needs this."

- M. A. -

"Sabina is a very special person. We met doing a youth leadership training programme in Kibeira, Kenia, and she is one of the most positive and open people I have met."

- Martine K. -

"You are open, you don’t judge, you always give me the feeling of being loved even though you challenge me with the task. You give me time to find my own answers. And I always felt understood in my whole being. You helped me in many ways, professionally and privately."

- Felix M. -

"I'm feeling much better now. You’ve input us the quality of energy we were just needing. This immediately leveraged the relationship to a much loving nature, closer to his core and deeper essence. And I feel more close to my own inner power as well. I do believe in everyday miracles. I can hardly express how precious your intervention was – insightful and compassionate. And it was a great joy to have you near."

- Telma & João -

"Sabina is an insightful and genuinely holistic coach. The work we’ve done together, she as the coach and me as the coachee, felt truly empowering. I felt ultimately guided, supported and respected in the process and it ignited a new sense of responsibility, presence and creativity in me. It also awakened a deeper wisdom and resourcefulness in my way of living and coping with challenges and I’m very honoured and grateful for this opportunity."

- Thomas A. -

"Through the wonderful support you offered me I felt held in my process of growth. I notice I am much more grounded and centred in myself and I feel more capable of staying tuned into my centre without getting lost in my environment. I have become more aware of how I react to situations. Through noticing and bringing awareness I have then been able to go more deeply into what it is that I do. That has been highly valuable."

- Flora K. -

"Tengo una gran confianza en Sabina. Su presencia, calidez, firmeza, profesionalidad y entrega me hacen sentir segura para abrirme, mostrar mi vulnerabilidad y trabajar con ella. Destaco la presencia en el aquí y ahora, con mucho amor, curiosidad, humor. Lo puntúo con un 10 sobre 10."

 Alicia O. -

"Your way of active listening was encouraging and your direct and non-judgemental open questions helped me to zoom out of my situation and differentiate between facts and emotional dissipation. You led me through a process of deeply understanding myself and thus made me consider my behaviour. At the same time, you guided me in seeing myself from another perspective and slipping into someone else’s shoes to see how they are doing in this state which was very useful as well. Thank you for empowering me to step up and speak out with honesty and an open heart. I felt your warm and caring support always."

- R. S. -

"I believe Sabina to be an honest and talented coach with great intuition and good insight. She helped me to realign myself with my values in just a few sessions."

- Sacha A. -



"Esta ha sido mi primera vez reciviendo este tipo de ayuda y ha sido una suerte para mi poder contar contigo, Sabina. Desde el primer momento me he sentido apoyada, querida, comprendida, tranquilizada y cuidada desde el respeto a mi individualidad, haciendome crecer en cada session."

- Paula T. -

"…whilst working on cultural awareness in particular, Sabina gave me a lot of practical insights for leadership in general. The way she conducted the training over the course of 6 months was inventive and entertaining; it was also astonishingly effective."

- Marco S. – Vice President Sales CPA Global -

"Beim Coaching sorgst Du für eine sehr angenehme, offene Atmosphäre. Du gibst klares, verständliches und nachvollziehbares Feedback und regst zur Selbstreflexion an. Als besonders hilfreich empfand ich es konkrete Situationen aus dem aktuellen Arbeitsalltag durchzusprechen um gemeinsam nach einer Lösung zu suchen und / oder Gespräche in einem Rollenspiel durchzuspielen. Ich habe im Coaching vor allem gelernt zu erkennen wie wichtig es ist auf einer persönlichen Ebene den Zugang zu Kunden, Kollegen zu erlangen und diese Kontakte zu pflegen. Ich gehe offener auf die Menschen zu und achte mehr darauf im Sinne eines Leaders für andere zu sorgen."

- Andre V F. -

From Workshops

"Sabina is a very skilled tutor in all things to do with language, culture and overseas business etiquette. She draws on her own extensive experience of international trade “at the sharp end” to give companies confidence and competitive advantage as they implement their own export development plans. I have picked up many invaluable hints and tips and practical strategies about international communicactions from Sabina and can recommend her without reservation."
Andrew Binnie, trainer for Learning Impact, and Director,

- Export Partners Ltd. -

"Your presentation really emphasised how important it is to understand other cultures and respect how non-native English speaking countries in particular conduct doing business with other countries across the world."

- John Rubidge, International Trade Sectors & Services Development, UKTI -

From Schools & Universities

"Sabina immediately impressed by her unrivalled perspective on intercultural learning and understanding; she engaged directly with each student, motivating them, capturing their enthusiasm through her well-crafted techniques and her transparent passion for her subject. At the end of the sessions students were buzzing with excitement-unanimous in how much they had enjoyed them, how much they had learned and how much fun they had."

- Roy Pike, Head, Torquay Boys' Grammar School -

"The sessions were well resourced and thought out. I would have no doubts about getting Sabrina back in to do work with either the trainee teachers or our staff."

- Karen Bumby, King Edward VI Community College -

"Sabina enthuses teachers and pupils alike with her lively , interactive presentations and her introduction to intercultural understanding."

- Dr Marie-Marthe Gervais-le Garff, Plymouth Business School

"All Saints visit number 1: She was excellent. Held the attention of 160 Year 9 pupils and lots of staff. Extremely well organised."

- Louise Sweeney, Head of Sixth Form, All Saints School -

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