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Making Time & Space For Love
with Sabina Rademacher

This workshop is an experimental journey to break through blocks and sabotaging love. It will open up room in you for deeper love and connection.

 Making Time and Space for Love – a gift for you!

We all wish for deeper, longer lasting connection in our intimate relations and often wonder how to create such space without losing our true authenticity and integrity. 

Often, we do not know how to communicate what we really want without compromising our values and boundaries.


2020 has been a year of polarity. 2020 – and Corona - has shown us what really matters to us.

Do you…:

  • ….feel not respected, appreciated or loved for who you really are?

  • ….long for a real connection with others, but there seems to be a failure or gap in the communication?

  • ….feel that you can’t step into your own power?

  • …feel constantly overwhelmed, insecure, blocked or stuck?

  • …feel you have reached the point of giving up on love?


So, if you can answer Yes to one or several of these questions, the workshop is for you:


  • You will feel more resourced and connected to yourself and to the other

  • Being more aware of how you communicate and listen

  • Your relationships will be more effective

What do I take from this workshop?

You learn:

  • How to really communicate to yourself and others

  • How you unconsciously sabatoge and block love

  • How to trust and surrender

  • How to connect to yourself - and others – in an authentic conscious way

  • How to find your true voice

  • How to feel & set healthy boundaries

  • How to express freely your feelings, your likes and dislikes, no taboos.


This 2 hour workshop offers a space for individual exploring and experiencing.  You will find a clearer and more whole hearted vision of intimacy and deeper relating to yourself and others.

Description: Making Time and Space for Love

This 2-hour workshop will break through your unconscious, limiting, sabotaging behaviour.  It will deepen your understanding how you listen, how you communicate and how you normally act.


When it comes to love and relationships, we often behave unconsciously, out of indoctrinated ideas and beliefs, patterns we may have seen and learnt as children. Most of the time we are just needy, in desperate need for approval, belonging and love. That neediness throws us into co-dependency and energetically we asphyxiate each other.

What happens in the workshop?

I guide you to explore and discover - through 3 simple exercises - your own simple truth how you communicate with yourself and others, how you sabotage and block love to yourself and others.

These exercises are focused to open your heart and to choose consciously your individual, authentic path to allow love to flow without compromising yourself.  

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For whom?

  • For the open-minded single person with a longing in the heart for deeper connection.

  • For the courageous couple who wish to live in consciously and  be present with each other – daily


  • Each month, 7pm German Time (GMT+1)

  • Book here


  • Online – Zoom or FB Messenger room.  Once you have booked you will receive the confirmation and the room link.

  • The workshop is limited to 16 people max.

What Others Say About This Course

Sabina is such a heart-warming person and her seminar about making time and space for love was a life changing experience for me. I totally recommend her work.

~ Carol Metzker

I attended Sabine's workshop "Making Time & Space for Love", which was about self-love. She's inspiring, genuine and excellent facilitator. For me, this workshop was life changing. Thank you for the opportunity, Sabine! 

~ Daniela C Cuadrado

Just to say a big thank you, it was wonderful - really well held and enabled me to open up and was obviously very memorable!

~ Sue Moore

Sabina gracefully moves between working with professionals, couples, groups and individuals with her compassionate presence. Attending "Making Time and Space for Love" brought many welcome surprises and perspectives for me. I greatly appreciate her attentiveness to culture and context in inviting participants to engage with one another. I hope to learn from (and with) her again in the future!

~ Hannah Taylor

Sabina has a wonderful gift of empowering others, caring, intuitive and direct, she opens a space for radical self-love in the hearts of others. My meeting with her was unexpected but timely - I don't exaggerate when I say she brought a piece of the puzzle to my life, nudging me towards finding the key to my heart. I am incredibly grateful for her gift of time, wisdom and playfulness.

~ Jim H

After attending both the workshop “Making Time & Space for Love” and one-on-one coaching, I highly recommend working with Sabina! Her coaching has helped me improve my relationships with others, and most importantly with myself. Sabina’s wise insights have also helped me navigate my career in a cross-cultural environment. I will continue to work with and recommend Sabina because of her personal approach to her clients.

~ Daniele Minter

In this very special workshop, I learnt how to REALLY connect to myself and my partner. I experienced this beautiful workshop twice, and both times were absolutely beautiful, raw, vulnerable, emotional and in the end, it left us both with a deep sense of love, connection and understanding for one another. I encourage every couple to do this workshop, no matter where you stand in your relationship. It is just so important that we learn a new way of relating to each other - and Sabina knows the way. 

~ Christiana Cicero

I have been through mental hospital system in the UK, I’ve been through antidepressants and all kinds of therapists and the progress I feel within myself, my mental health,  my happiness, my spiritual base and knowing what I need to do now… The difference between Tuesday when I did the workshop and today, 2 days later, is so much more than all the time I spent in the hospital system, so much more than any of the therapists I’ve seen, it’s massive, really massive. Thank you.

~ Jocelyn Payne​​​​

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About Me - Hi, I am Sabina!

I am a Love & Relationship Coach, passionately devoted and focus on all aspects of love, such as: self-love, relationships, separation and break ups.


I help women and men break through blocks and sabotaging love.


I work with human beings, who feel a deep longing in their heart to find a lasting, loving connection to Self and others, without losing their true authenticity and integrity.


I help them to find their values, clear boundaries and their voice, so they don't have to compromise their True Potential in life.


Find out more here.


Looking forward to meeting you.

You can use TimeBuddy to check in your local time zone:


Accredited by AC (Association of Coaching) and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Mentoring), UK.

How may I contact the organiser if I have questions?

Please write your question to:

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Take time for yourself and honour truly and consciously the time with the one you are with.
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