Love is what we most care for.
Do you consciously take time for it?


Is your inner critic on most of the time?

Do you compare yourself constantly?

Do you feel drained, stuck and not respected for who you really are?

Are your relationships going the way you wish for?


I am Sabina, passionately devoted to the subject of love and “leading from the heart”.

My coaching is dedicated to you, to find your authenticity, your own wisdom of what really matters to you.  When we are Heart Centred and Authentic, we start "walking our talk" + live a fulfilled life, showing powerful leadership and creating meaningful relationships. We IN-spire.

What would happen to your world, if you found the way to stay in the heart space – open and connected. 

I am looking forward to talking to you.


"Sabina is a caring and open-hearted person and she was great to work with. She helps you find your own path of your personal healing journey and supports you with an open mind & heart throughout. She empowers you to accept and love yourself as you are and also become the best version of yourself. Working with her was one of the most eye-opening times in my life. She helped me to learn so much about myself and become conscious of all the ways I was conditioned from my past. I am incredibly grateful for meeting and working with her."

- Jane Lee -